Driven Coffee Roasters Review

Driven Coffee is an Artisan Coffee Roaster that works with only the finest quality, handpicked, 100% Arabica, Specialty Grade coffee beans from around the world. We work with importers to carefully select unique and interesting green coffees from some of the top farms and co-ops in the world. Starting with the best coffee beans leads to the best cup possible.
I received 2 bags of ground coffee from Driven Coffee Roaster at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

Our Review
I am a coffee freak. I drink at least 1 cup, a large cup, a day and a lot of times I wind up drinking 2 or 3 cups. I like my coffee to be really strong and have a nice flavor, and I’m also about the smell of the coffee. As soon as we opened this box of Driven Coffee Roasters coffee I knew I was going to be in heaven.

I like medium roast coffee for the most part, but I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked this House Blend as well with it being a light roast. These coffees measure out exactly like other coffees we have had, and the Guatemalan roast had an amazing smell when it started brewing. The flavor was strong and it really got my day going. The House Blend was just as nice as the Guatemalan, just lighter and not quite as bold. It all depends on your preferences for your coffee.

Both of these blends were great. I liked these blends so much that when I ran out and had to go back to my other brand, I found it was a little disappointing. I will be looking into investing in more Driven Coffee Roasters coffee very soon!

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