Common Psychic Abilities

Common psychic abilities

Almost everybody has experienced déjà vu or some similar unexplainable phenomena. It is true that our mind often plays tricks on us. But, it is also true that an average person is able to unlock only 10 % of our total mental potential. That beings said, it is quite plausible that some of us have special powers. They are usually referred to as psychic abilities.
When we mention psychic potential, most of you will think of telepathy or telekinesis. This shouldn’t surprise us given that these powers are commonly used in movies and series. However, list of psychic abilities is much longer. It includes things which you probably never heard of such as apportation, bilocation, dowsing, mediumship, pyrokinesis and scrying. The list goes on and on.
However, if you are truly psychic, only a handful of these abilities are likely to appear in you. Here is the list of most common psychic abilities which some people encounter during their lifetime.

1. Aura reading
This term has been used for quite a long time. Aura reading was mentioned in various Eastern religions. Basically, each one of us has specific energy surrounding him. This energy forms an aura which can be visible to gifted people. It comes in different colors where each color represents a specific type of a character. Psychic is able to distinguish them and make an observation about person’s traits without even exchanging a word.
2. Astral projection
Again, a power which is often mentioned in popular culture and which also has background in religion. Some people are able to detach their spirit from body. This usually happens during sleep or while meditating, when individual has a very loose connection to his physical being. As spirit is able to roam freely, it moves around astral plane and is able to return information upon arrival to corporeal being.
3. Clairvoyance
Clairvoyance refers to ability to see things clearly. Have in mind that this term is a very general one. It can be split into smaller subgroups such as precognition (the ability to see future), retrocognition (the ability to see the past) as well as remote viewing (the ability to see remote places in presence). It is something that includes all our senses and can be used for objects, people and places. Additional classification of clairvoyance can be made based on senses which are used for uncovering information: clairsentinence (sense of touch), clairaudience (sense of hearing), clairalience (sense of smell), claircognizance (the ability to simply know things), clairgustance (sense of taste), clairenunciate (the ability to speak in a specific manner).
4. Death-warning
As we mentioned, there is no clear line between various abilities and, at the same time, these powers can be classified in numerous ways. In that regard, death-warning requires a special mention due to the fact that it is one of the abilities which are most likely to manifest in a psychic person. Death-warning is a type of precognition. Individual is able to see death of a loved one. Now, one thing has to be explained. We are all worried about our family and friends especially prior to a long voyage or some other situation that can be potentially life-threatening. However, psychic person is able to see this situation very clearly. These signs do not appear in a form of panic; instead, they are very vivid and telling.
5. Energy medicine
Previously, we have mentioned that each one of us has specific aura and energy. That beings said, it is very easy for spiritual people to manipulate this energy. This particular branch of alternative medicine is based on the fact that individual is able to use his own life power and transfer it to another person. Unlike aura reading, this takes much more effort and concentration.
6. Telepathy
Another one of the popular abilities, telepathy represents capability of reading other individual’s mind and transferring your thoughts into his head. It can also be used for transfer of emotions. However, you have to be very careful with this power. If you live with a person and know his habits, it is more likely that you are able to guess his thoughts. Telepathy is something completely different. It is a capability of reading one’s mind regardless of your previous experience with that person.

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