50 Foot Expandable Hose Review

EFFICIENT GARDEN HOSE – Never kink, twist or tangle, ultra lightweight, super easy to use, making watering a pleasant work, normal water pressure: 43.5-87PSI/3-6Bar, burst water pressure: 
MAGIC EXPANDABLE LENGTH – 17 feet original hose length naturally grows to 50 feet under water pressure, rapidly retracts back after turning off water source
MULTIPLE SETTING SPRAYER – 8 spray patterns satisfy your demands for watering plants as well as washing cars, rubber sprayer handle brings comfortable grip
HIGHT QUALITY GUARANTEED – Adopted with double layer latex hose, unique thickened high elastic fabric covering and durable brass fitting, of excellent expandability and durability
EASY STORAGE – Black varnished metal hose holder helps you organize and storage the garden hose with easiness
This expandable hose is a really neat product. It’s a full 50 foot hose that can be used in the yard for many different things. When it’s not in use it shrinks up to be easily stored in a small area, or even inside in a closet or something. The connection is a standard connection, and is very easy to connect and disconnect. The hose material is high quality and holds up really well to high pressure water flow, and to being moved from place to place. My husband uses this to water his garden, cool down the driveway for the kids, and to wash his car. This is a really nice useful hose.

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