Journey To Space DVD Review

Brilliantly narrated by film and television legend Sir Patrick Stewart, Journey To Space gives a sweeping overview of humanity’s accomplishments in space, as well as our ongoing activities and future plans.
Journey To Space puts into historical context the magnificent contributions made by the Space Shuttle program and its intrepid space pioneers. It uses the most spectacular space footage – including unique views of Earth and operations in space – such as deploying and repairing the Hubble Space Telescope. It then goes on to show how the shuttle launched and assembled the International Space Station (ISS). Together, these programs have taught us how to live, build and conduct scientific experiments in space. The ISS will continue operating in space until 2024, and the film shows how it is building a foundation for the next giant leaps into space, concluding with a fascinating, realistic scenario of how astronauts will actually get to Mars, live there for long durations, and then return home after a two-and-a-half-year mission.
We received a copy of this DVD at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Our Review
My boys are like little sponges, they soak up any knowledge they can get their hands on. They are really into learning about space, especially since we live in Florida now within driving distance of the Kennedy Space Center.

They LOVED this DVD. The footage from space, and the the information kept them glued to the TV for the entire video. The images and the footage combine to take you on an amazing trip. The video is so fun to watch that the boys barely knew they were learning at the same time. They have been talking about this video ever since they watched it the first time, and have watched it many times over and over.

The quality of the video and images is also amazing. I think this would be great to watch on a really big screen.

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