GrafoMap Review

Places – actual, physical locations – tell the stories of our lives. The place where you met your spouse, the place you went to school, grew up, bought your first home, had your first child, the place where you went on the best vacation of your life, got married, began your first job. The list goes on. Places are important.
And now, thanks to GrafoMap, you can bring these special places right into your home, cherishing them – and their role in your personal story – forever.
GrafoMap uses Open Street Maps – an open source database – to make it possible for users to create an artistic map print of any city in the world to hang on their walls and enjoy for years. GrafoMap users act as designer, choosing from a range of text and color options to create the perfect map art for their home.
We received a GrafoMap of the city we live in now at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Our Review

My 11 year old son loves to learn and he loves to look at books of maps and places. I knew he would like this GraoMap for his wall. I chose the city we live in now because it is the first place we have lived on our own. This is our first “only our home”. He loves this GrafoMap and looks at it constantly trying to pick out areas and places that he knows.
If he ever gets tired of it, this is a unique piece of art for any part of our house. We have had several of our friends and his ooh and ahh over this and ask how we got it. A GrafoMap would be a great gift to commemorate a special place like a family vacation, where you met your significant other, or where you attended school or grew up. The paper is very high quality and sturdy. The colors used are very bright and pop against any decor.
We really like the GrafoMap and have plans to get a few others for some other important places in our lives.

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