Choice Organic Tea Review

The first exclusively organic tea crafter in the U.S. and the first to offer Fair Trade Certified™ teas, we make your daily cup affordable, exceptional, and delicious.
I received 2 boxes of Organic Tea from Choice Organic Teas. 
My Review
I am a big tea drinker, and I especially like my hot tea. I drink a lot of hot tea in the fall and winter, and I drink it in the summer as well when I don’t feel well, or when my throat is scratchy. These teas are delicious.
The Rooibos is really dark and flavorful and has some sweetness to it even without adding sugar. This tea has antioxidants in it which are really good for you. The Rooibos is good hot or cold, and will make you feel almost instantly better if you are under the weather.
My favorite kind of tea lately has become green tea. I really love the flavor and all the benefits green tea offers. This Dragon Well green tea is really good hot or cold and is a favorite of mine on rainy days. This green tea has some different flavors in it that make this amazing cup of tea.

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