Aureus Mens Shoe Review

Our technology, quality, and comfort are what separate Aureus® footwear from the rest of the pack. The backbone of what we do is in our technology. Our AM-TECH Sole Technology®gives the consumer the greatest possible comfort with the least amount of sole separation. We only use 100% genuine top grade leather for our shoe uppers and inner linings. All of our designs are created in-house, we aim to always bring new and original fashion to you, and we will always listen to your feedback. What we always say is “Once someone tries on our shoes, they will continue coming back for the quality and comfort that we provide.”
I received a pair of shoes for my husband at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My husband is a pretty laid back jeans, t shirts and tennis shoes kind of guy. I really wanted him to have a comfortable, but dressier pair of shoes for the rare occasion we get to dress up and go out somewhere nice. My husband really fell in love with the dark blue color of the Aureus Patron. The design of the sole makes these very comfortable for him to wear for log periods. The fit of the shoes is very accurate. 
These come with their own brush to keep them looking brand new, and a nice dust bag to keep them nice for a long time. These shoes look really good on my hubby, and go with almost everything he wears. These add a touch of class and style to his blue jeans, black jeans and his khaki’s. He can even wear these with shorts and t-shirts. These Aureus shoes are extremely versatile and a great value.

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