Alegria Shoes Review

Alegria Shoes is the place where happiness meets wellness. Launched in 2008 with one clog, Alegria now boasts an array of styles including boots, sandals, wedges, and professional wear. While the styles may be ever expanding, we remain the same inside our “sole.” Found in every pair is our patented footbed engineered to conform to the natural contours of the foot for a perfect fit and lasting support.
I received a pair of Alegria Sandals at no charge in exchange for an honest review.
My Review
I have a really hard time finding comfortable sandals other than flip flops. I really needed a nice pair that could be worn on the most casual day, but could also be worn with jeans or dresses for dressier occasions. The biggest issue I have is finding a design and color I like that is comfortable at the same time. These sandals from Alegria hit a home run.
I had to have this color when I saw it. This design is unique and will literally go with almost anything I wear like jeans, black pants, my solid colored maxi dresses and shorts and t-shirts. When I opened these I knew they would be just what I was looking for, and I could not wait to start wearing them.
These are very comfortable to wear. There are no hard edges and the sole of the sandal is soft and hugs my foot. Even the underneath of the straps that cross my feet and go between my toes are flexible so the straps move with my foot and do not rub or cause blisters. I have been able to wear these almost non stop on the weekends running errands and at the park. I can’t wait until we go to the beach again to see how they hold up all day there. I am very happy with these sandals and would definitely buy more shoes from Alegria.

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