Suaoki Camping Lantern Review

Extra Power: the hand crank and the USB output can be used together to charge most smartphones and gadgets, giving you the extra power you need
Two Modes: the high brightness LED mode is perfect for finding your way in the dark, while a low mode is great while reading, as an area light, or as a tent light
Two Forms: the light can be used as a lantern when expanded or as a flashlight when compacted, making it a dual-purpose light
Charging Option: the battery can be charged by cranking or by a standard Micro USB cable, without requiring a proprietary cable common with some other brands
Portable Design: the light can be shrunk to half its length and conveniently stowed away in a bag, backpack, or any other carry bag.
I received this lantern at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review

My husband and boys are all about the outdoors. They love to fish, hike, ride bikes and camp out. When they are doing all these outdoor activities they don’t want to be weighed down by heavy items like big lanterns, or worry about if something is charged up or not. This lantern we got is the perfect item for them. It’s very compact, but still provides a very bright light for them when needed. They can charge it before they leave, and if the charge runs down they can just use the crank to charge it back up. The height of the lantern can be adjusted for their needs as well.

This is so compact when folded that it can even be carried in their pocket. This is a great lantern to have for all their outdoor activities!

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