SebaMed Face & Body Wash Review

Sebamed offers a complete pH 5.5 line of skin care products worldwide, promoting naturally healthy and beautiful skin.
I received a bottle of the SebaMed Face & Body Wash at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My Review
I have very sensitive and dry skin so I have to be careful about what soaps and cleansers I use. I am always looking for good products that don’t make my skin dry out and break out. I had heard of the SebaMed brand before but this is the first time I’ve used it. I tried it on a small area first and gave it a day to make sure there would be no reaction. Now I use this every day in the shower and my skin is thanking me for it.
My face and the rest of me is looking fresher and brighter. I don’t have as many break outs as before, and I haven’t been suffering with itchy spots like I have in the past. It only takes a little bit of this to make suds so this bottle has and is lasting a good while. It has a nice clean smell, nothing medicinal or overpowering.
I am very happy with the SebaMed Face & Body Wash. If you have skin issues of any kind I highly recommend you try this product!

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