Rubberized Comfort Grip 2 Way Hose Connector Review

Frustrated with just one faucet, don’t be, Split it, Unfortunately many homes are only equipped with one outdoor spigot. With a Leaf HD splitter you can easily split one faucet into two independently functioning faucets. This extra-large, rust-proof, fade resistant splitter features Comfort-Grip levers with stainless steel screws and a full-flow construction that doesn’t restrict the flow of water. The Comfort-Grip swivel hose coupling simplifies attachment to your faucet while the heavy-duty Zinc alloy construction with precision engineered O-Ring seals provides a leak-free operation. Whereas cheaper garden hose splitters often break and leak, the Leaf HD Hose Splitter has been designed for convenient, long-lasting use. With extra-long, smooth threads and secure long lasting rubber rings, the LeafHD Hose Splitter has been redesigned in March 2016 to prevent leaking and drips for the most reliable garden hose splitter on the market. The Leaf HD Hose Splitter is a premium gardening product with a number of notable features: – Split one water spigot into two convenient outlets. – Strong, durable design, ideal for outdoor use. Arthritis friendly with thick handles that are easily gripped and turned – Plus a LIFETIME worry free guarantee.
We received the  Comfort-Grip Garden Hose Splitter  at no cost in exchange for an honest review.


My husband has been working hard on our front yard to get plants and flowers planted and so on. He needs to have 2 hoses going sometimes to make sure everything gets watered, or if he needs to leave one o trickle for something. He was pretty stoked to try this splitter. He has used items like this before and they either leak, or the water pressure is lower in one side then the other, or some other issue arises. Hose connectors just don’t seem to last very long for him.

He has been very happy this one so far though. The levers to chose which side to use are big and rubberized. I have problems with my hands, but I can easily use this with no pain, and no cuts or broken nails. There are 3 gaskets included so we didn’t have to worry about finding gaskets that worked with this before we could use it. I am also able to connect and un connect this just as easily as he can. This hose connector seems to be made of much better material and components then ones we have had in the past.

We are very happy with this item and I would definitely buy from this company again!

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