Just Add Color Review

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Just Add Color: Wildflowers
I received three of the Just Add Color Collection at no cost in exchange for an honest review.


My Review
Coloring has become a favorite activity in our house for all 4 of us. I was excited to get more coloring books because we were starting to run out of pages for everyone. This was the perfect collection of coloring books for us. I love all the flowers and tree pictures, and my 11 year old is wild for the animal pictures. The Bear and the Fox above are pages he colored. He is having a lot of fun with these. My husband loves to draw, and coloring is something that helps him relax too. The picture of the Butterfly above is him coloring. The flowers are my youngest sons, and the Fish is mine.

I absolutely love that these pages are perforated. I can easily take out the page I want to color, or that my sons or husband want to color. We don’t have to argue over who gets which book. We can all color the picture we want at the same time. There are pages for different skill levels. Some of the pictures have wide open lines and outlines, and some have finer tiny outlines.

Coloring these beautiful pages has definitely brought some much needed quiet time to our house, and it’s something we love to share with each other too. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to get some coloring books and get zen!

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