Jewel Straps Review

Jewel Straps are jewelry replacement bra straps that add glamour to tank top styles, strapless, and one shoulder ensembles. Add these adjustable, elegant straps to your favorite strapless bra to compliment your outfit and make you stand out in the crowd! Wear with caution, as attention is sure to follow.
I received the Chain style Jewel Straps at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My Review
I have always kind of struggled with wearing strapless dresses because I haven’t always been able to find strapless bras I like. I was excited when I got these jewel straps because they solve that problem. I can wear my strapless dresses I love, and not have to worry about my strapless bra becoming uncomfortable and slipping down. I also don’t have to worry about hiding ugly bra straps with a jacket or shirt over my dress. These jewel straps go with every dress I have and add a pretty bit of flare whether I’m going to work, the beach or out for girls night or date night.  These are comfortable and do not hurt my shoulders or bother my skin at all. These are a great little item to have!

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