Fathers Day T-Shirt Review

Load Failure beats any traditional Father’s Day gift. Where do those gifts end up anyway?! These shirts are sure to make your dad or hubby chuckle. I’m talking about the good hearty kind of laughter. He will wear his Load Failure proudly because well, who doesn’t want to make a statement with not-so-subtle humor? And these are not your typical silly shirts in those unflattering boxy shapes that always seem to look loose and too large. This shirts combines both humor and fashion with sayings like “Mr. Awesome,” “This is my Drinking Shirt,” and “Best Husband Ever.”
I received a t-shirt for my husband at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My husband loves t shirts. They are all he wears. This t shirt is the perfect new addition to his collection. He thought it was hilarious when I gave it to him. He is actually a stay at home dad right now, and we have made this joke about him being a Trophy Husband a lot. The sizing is spot on, and the t shirt is a soft, comfortable fabric that he can wear all day long. It keeps it size and shape after being washed, and the picture on the shirt has not faded at all either. He loves the quality of this shirt as well as the design. I will definitely buy for him from Load Failure again! Check them out at the link below!

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