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Sunday, June 12, 2016

100 Assorted Pokemon Card Review

This Bundle of Pokemon Cards included:

1. 100 Assorted Pokemon Cards!
2. 6 Pokemon Foil Cards!
3. 3 Custom Golden Groundhog Token Counters!

This is a lot produced by Golden Groundhog, containing three unique Golden Groundhog authorized tokens, featuring the smiling groundhog.

We received these Pokemon Cards at no cost in exchange for an honest review.


My boys are 8 and 11 and really like Pokemon. I surprised them on the last day of school with these cards and they were super excited. There are several duplicates in the deck, but that's ok for us because my boys like to each have the same things. They love all the uniques in this deck, and all the different cards they didn't have yet. This deck has made them very happy. They keep busy during the day when it's too hot to be outside, and these are great for keeping their attention in the car on road trips too. They love these cards, and their daddy has even gotten back into playing with them with these! These were a great investment for my little fans!

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