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Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Gussy Review

The Gussy handbag rain covers and purse covers are made to keep your bags completely protected from the rain. Our handbag raincoats are made for most style bags; so whether you have a tote bag, a purse, a hobo bag or a top handle bag the Gussy bag cover will work for you. It's time for us women to embrace the rain and not have to worry about whether our bags will get ruined if we get caught in the rain. Buy your handbag raincoat and purse cover online today at It's time to embrace the rain!!

I received The Jenny Gussy at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review

I have a lot of purses. Like a lot a lot. Some are cheap little rag bags, and some are more expensive name brand bags made with more expensive material. I just received a gorgeous new Kathy Van Zeeland hand bag for Mothers Day. I live in Florida, so rains can come at any time with no warning. I usually have to try to run fast enough so water does not get in my purse or ruin the outside, or try to cover with my clothing or jacket if I'm wearing one. The Gussy makes protecting my bags, old or new, much easier and much more fashionable.

The polyester material is waterproof and keeps purses completely dry. The Gussy is very easy to fold small so you have it with you whenever you need it. It is easy to use, it has 3 velcro flaps that work with almost any style bag. The Gussy is large enough to cover small to overly large bags too. I love this design I got, it goes with a lot of what I wear. If it doesn't go with my outfit, then it's still eye catching and a conversation starter.

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