Tat Towels Review

Tat Towels™ are tattoo towelettes that are specifically formulated to instantly moisturize and enhance older tattoos and keep newer tattoos looking fresh. Tat Towels™ provide an easy non-greasy way to maintain your tattoo(s) as compared to using messy creams and oils. Tat Towels™ are unscented and recommended for single use.
We received a container of Tat Towels at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Myself and my husband both have older tattoos that have faded some over the years. We have tried other products to bring a little life back into them with varied results. I was intrigued by Tat Towels and couldn’t wait to try them out. Both of our tattoos need some attention from a tattoo artist eventually. These Tat Towels do seem to have made a difference in them though. The color is a little brighter, and the tattoos look a little less old than they did before. 
I love that these are so easy to use, and don’t leave behind any residue or greasiness on our skin. These are nice sized wipes that are easy to hold and can be useful on the smallest to the largest tattoo. These are unscented, and they really have absolutely no scent. Some products that say unscented still have some kind of smell. If you really make an effort to smell these, they might smell like a baby wipe at most.
We really like these wipes and will continue to use them on our old tattoos and on our new tattoos in the future!

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