Student Organizational Strategies

Good organizational skills are key ingredients for student success in school. Students who have poor organization skills struggle with logically managing information. They often struggle with making plans, setting priorities, getting things done and following through on assignments. These skills become more and more important in higher grade levels. Learn about some of the ways that poor organizational skills affect students. 
Academic Achievement 
Student organizational strategies greatly affect a student’s ability to pay attention, follow directions, organize things necessary for tasks and remember key information. There is a direct correlation between academic achievement and organizational skills. Disorganization increases the potential that a student will fall behind and receive lower grades than peers. 
Good organizational skills help a student build self-confidence and reduce stress. Disorganization, on the other hand, results in a student experiencing greater frustration and low motivation. Low self-esteem can result in a variety of other student issues including grade retention, disciplinary actions, truancy and dropping out of school. There is the potential poor organization to have a profound negative impact on a student’s future.
Post-Secondary Opportunities
Post-secondary life requires good organization skills. Being organized in primary and high school will help students be more successful in college, as they will bring their organizational skills with them. College and university level education requires a lot of organization. Students must independently schedule classes, show up on time, be prepared and keep track of assignments.
For students going straight to work after high school, organizational skills are the key to success. The business world is forward thinking and fast-paced. Many individuals want to climb corporate ladders and advance their careers. Unfortunately, they won’t get far unless they are organized. To keep up growth and be promoted, employees must practice good organizational skills. Poor organizational skills make people less efficient and less effective and in the business world those are two qualities will not get employees ahead. Poor organizational skills can cause employees to miss deadlines, forget about important dates and assignments and be unreliable. When a position requires that an employee be organized, but they do not exhibit these skills, it can result in the individual losing out on a promotion or even fired from their job.
Poor organizational skills lead to a variety of negative consequences. But, organization and planning ahead are learned skills. Thankfully, these are skills that can be improved with practice.

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