Smart Planet Iced Coffee To Go Bottle Review & Giveaway!

Smart Planet is an internationally renowned source of innovative and environmentally friendly products.
I received the Iced Coffee To Go Bottle at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

NEW! Iced Coffee To Go Bottle 20 Oz.

20 oz, Iced Coffee To Go Bottle.
1) Pre Freeze the bottle 2) Add fresh brewed coffee 3) Allow to chill for 5 minutes 4) Remove the “freezer rod” 5) Add ice and enjoy!
Bottle has a double wall with freezing gel, includes a black straw and a removable freezer rod.
The twist-tight lid is perfect for spill resistant travel
My Review

I love coffee. I drink multiple cups of coffee a day. I like my coffee sweet, I use flavored creamers and what some people say is a lot of sugar. As much as I love my hot coffee in the mornings, I also like a very cold iced coffee on really hot days. Iced coffee can be a bit of a pain to make. This Iced Coffee To Go Bottle makes it a quick and easy process to make the perfect iced coffee to take with me wherever I have to run. Being able to make iced coffee quick and easy also lets me make use of leftover coffee so I don’t have to dump it down the sink.
As awesome as this bottle is for iced coffee, it’s also great for water, tea and juice. The double walled freezer gel bottle design and the freezer rod keep all kinds of drinks ice cold for long periods of time. The bottle is double walled so it does not sweat, and it has a carry handle and a spill resistant lid. This has become my new favorite travel bottle for everything I drink!

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