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We all know the saying, “April showers, bring May flowers…,” but May brings more than just flowers when it comes to your spring allergies. Avoid dry, itchy eyes with the help of AC Lens this spring! AC Lens, the ultimate online destination with everything for your eyes, offers a wide selection of solutions for eye allergy relief at an affordable range of price points. Be prepared this May to fight off National Allergy Month by stocking up with the assortment of products available on AC Lens.
I received 3 different items from AC Lens at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

Our Review
We all wear glasses in our house. Myself and my youngest son suffer from severe allergies as well. Our eyes go through quite a bit of suffering, especially in the Spring and Summer months. We keep eye drops on hand and I always have them in my purse as well. I love these products from Acuvue that we received.

These lubricant drops and the dry eye therapy drops come in single use sterile droppers. These are easy to toss in my purse so I have them when I need them. I’m also able to share if a friend needs drops without worrying about sharing germs or touching our eyes with the same bottle. I am really bad about putting drops in my eyes, I can’t do it myself. Someone else has to do it for me, usually my husband, and I have to sit on my hands while he does it. These drops are very easy to get into my eyes as there is only one use in each tube, so no risk of flooding my eye and wasting drops unnecessarily. Thank goodness my sons do not have the same phobia, so we can put drops in their eyes when they are dry or itchy without having to fight them too much.

The Nature’s Tears Mist is great for me with my drop phobia. I can get some relief for my dry eyes and itchiness without having to actually go through the fight of getting drops in my eyes. I only need a little spray and my eyes immediately feel better.

I highly recommend these Acuvue products!

Win these products for yourself!

Win these products!

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