Workplace Injuries

There are millions of workplace injuries every year. May of these accidents are unavoidable and unintentional.
A lot of workplace injuries could be avoided though, if employees would make sure they are following regulations and safeguards that are in place for their protection. Whether intentional or not, a lot of accidents and injuries happen because these safeguards are overlooked or ignored.
Injuries can range from something as minor as a scrape as serious as a broken bone, and even workplace deaths. 
The info graphics above show workplace injury numbers by industry, and the most common causes of those workplace injuries. You can view more in depth info graphics and statistics here.
Even though some professions are more
dangerous, accidental death can happen to anyone. Safety is important
for everyone. If you’re ever put in a dangerous position at work, bring
it up with your supervisor, and, if that doesn’t work, consider hiring a lawyer.

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