Songmics Durable 4-tier Shoe Rack Review

This Songmics Durable 4-tier Shoe Rack provides large space to store your shoes. It can fit into your bedroom, closet, entryway and so on. Adjustable width and height between rails makes this item work for adult men, women and kids’ shoes and boots. 
Lightweight and easy to assemble will bring you ultimate convenience.
I received this Songmics Durable 4-tier Shoe Rack at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My Review
We have way too many pairs of shoes in our house. I am admittedly the biggest culprit, but my boys have quite a few pairs as well. We have our tennis shoes and school and work shoes, and then our sandals and flip flops. The shoes wind up being strewn from one end of the house to the other, and we, the boys especially, can never find our shoes when we want them or need them. This shoe rack has solved a big problem for us.

This shoe rack was very easy to put together. It is very sturdy, and holds a lot of pair of shoes, especially the small ones that can be piled on top of each other. The new rule in the house is that when you come in shoes go right on the rack.

The rack is very lightweight and can be moved to wherever it is convenient. Right now it is behind our couch, but can moved easily to my boys room, my room, or closet to get it out of the way if needed.

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