CULER Review

At CULER, we make Flash-Evaporative Air Coolers. Evaporative air coolers leverage the amazing ability of water to extract heat from the air when it evaporates, thereby reducing the temperature of the air.
The secret to creating more cool air is increasing the surface area of the water to achieve a faster rate of evaporation.
Unlike swamp coolers which simply drip water down a pad, the patented CULER Flow Blurring@ technology atomizes water into millions of micro-droplets to create thousands of times more surface area than pad-type evaporative air coolers. Water particles of this size simply flash-evaporate.
Better Evaporation = Better Cooling
We received the Solo CULER  at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

Our Review
Living in Florida requires a really high tolerance for heat and humidity, or really good central air and window air conditioners. When I read about the CULER Flash-Evaporative Air Cooler I was excited to try it out in our house. During the summer we have been running the central air pretty much non stop. This cooler was very easy to set up. You can use water right out of the tap so there’s no extra cost for jugs of water. The water goes in the bottom of the cooler so there is a low center of gravity which means it’s not easily knocked over by my rowdy boys. 
The CULER cooler is very energy efficient, and I noticed a decrease in my electric bill that came recently. The best part is that the money savings didn’t mean an increase in discomfort. This cooler is amazing and cools most of my house easily because we have a pretty open floor plan. The blower is adjustable so you can target a certain area of the room.
Another great feature is how easily portable this is. As long as you have a power source you can take this cooler outside for picnics, to the lake, camping and more. 
This CULER cooler has been great for our house and our electric bill!

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