Great Night Birthday Party Games for Adults

Great Night Birthday Party Games for Adults 
While kids’ birthday parties are easier to plan during the day time, birthday parties for adults tend to be planned at night. Most attendees will be free of work and able to join in on the fun and games; in addition, night time is when most night life hot spots are open. For an at-home party, there are several awesome games to play once dusk settles in. 
Spin the Shot 
Spin the shot is a popular adult adaptation of the childhood game of “Spin the Bottle.”
Rather than kissing another player, spinning determines who is going to be taking the shot. Liquor party games tend to be quite common for adult parties, as they help to break the ice between the attendees who are strangers. Once everyone is comfortable with one another, the fun can begin.
Corn Hole 
Corn hole is an easy going and relaxing game that has just the right amount of competition to it. For night time games, cornhole lights make it much easier to see the cornhole boards. This is preferred over having to string up temporary lighting in order to see the game. One of the best perks to this particular game is that there can be several players, and there is no need for even teams. It’s also easy to learn.
Glow Bowling 
Glow bowling is available at many different bowling alleys, and is simply a game of bowling with upbeat music, black lights, neon signs, and disco lights. It’s much like combining a club with a bowling alley. If this is not available at a local alley, it’s also possible to set up a temporary bowling lane at home. With a few cheap lights, and a boombox, you have a personal bowling party.
Pool Game 
Another relaxing and slightly competitive game for adults is pool. A great game of pool can engage party guests, especially those who love to play pool. Others can linger nearby by for darts, corn hole, or harmless banter. Pool tables tend to be relatively inexpensive and are a great addition to the gaming room! 
Birthday parties should not only be magical; they should provide memories that will last a lifetime. Planning the party in advance will offer guests a fun night that they do not feel like they must escape early from. Don’t forget the cake and remember to provide delicious refreshments throughout the night!

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