Sour Jacks Oscar Challenge

Our mouth-puckering mission: We’re here to have fun! The only question is: are you original or sour watermelon fan??!
 We received 4 bags of Sour Jacks at no cost in exchange for an honest review and some fun with Oscar night designs!

My contribution. Sour Apple schnapps with Sour Apple Sour Jacks.
My husband made this awesome little Oscar statue on a cupcake. Chocolate cupcake (base), yellow icing for the gold, and the little statue dude on top.

My son’s. He just wanted to use the Wildberry Sour Jacks.

My husband and boys love sour candy. We all love to bake. When I got these Sour Jack candies with the direction to create an Oscar worthy treat, we came up with a few different ideas. We had the Sour Apple schnapps and the adorable little red solo cup shot glasses, so that was a fun and easy idea to come up with.
The cupcakes and mini bread trays were the perfect base for the creation of a little Oscar statue. The boys are always up for baking and sweets, and they loved the addition of the sour candy on top. It was the perfect combination of sweet and sour. They had a blast trying the different Sour Jack flavors. 
These Sour Jacks candies are really mouth puckering sour, the faces my kids make are hilarious. They are sweet also, but definitely sour first. 
Sour Jacks also has a cool app for smart phones! Check the app and the candy out at the links below!

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