Resqme Emergency Kit Review

Providing peace of mind to every motorist.
Each year, thousands of motorists lose control of their vehicles… Sadly, some of them die submerged in water canals, ponds, lakes or even in flooding zones. Other high fatality rates are caused by rollovers, car fires or electrical failures. Life is precious! Be prepared for unexpected accidents. Protect yourself and your loved ones with resqme®.
Our Review
This kit is fantastic. The Resqme Emergency Kit has everything you could possibly need in an emergency situation all packed together in a compact easy to carry kit. The kit fits easily in a car seat pocket, under the seat, or even in the glove box. The kit also easily fits in book bags, back packs and hiking packs and beach bags. Included in the kit is The Original Key Chain Car Escape Tool. The Car Escape Tool will cut through a jammed seat belt or break a car window in an emergency, and it stores unobtrusively on your key chain. There is a LED hand powered flashlight, an emergency whistle and an emergency blanket. This kit is great for us because my husband and boys spend a lot of time outside. They hike, fish, ride bikes and spend time at the springs and parks in the area. With two rambunctious little boys bandaids, gauze and cold packs are always good to have on hand. This case has 2 detachable water resistant pouches, and once you use something up you can just replace the item so you always have what you need on hand. This kit has come in handy on more than one occasion for us. I highly recommend getting one, or more for your family!

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