Giraffe Razor Extension Handle Review

The Giraffe Razor Extension Handle is a Shaving Accessory Designed to Customize the Length and Angle of your Current Razor. A Benefit that specifically helps women who are unable to shave their legs due to the discomfort of symptoms associated with arthritis, back pain, post-op hip and knee replacement and expecting moms in their second and third trimester of pregnancy. This Innovative Women’s Shaving Accessory features two universal razor attachments, small and large, that snap onto the head of the handle and provide a means of securely locking your razor into place. These attachments easily accommodate the most popular men’s and women’s disposable and reusable razors on the market today. The Giraffe features a telescoping handle that extends the length of your razor an additional 15-20 inches, a benefit that virtually eliminates the need to bend at the waist or put yourself in an awkward position to shave those hard-to-reach areas. The Giraffe’s pivoting head easily rotates to a 30°, 45° or 90° angle, maximizing your flexibility, another added benefit that decreases the risk of slipping or falling in the shower. Also, the Giraffe’s no-slip grip is made with a rubberized finish to help give the control needed to shave your legs safely.
I received a Giraffe Razor Extension Handle at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review
As you likely know, I live with daily pain and discomfort as a result of my health problems. While I have my good days when I feel almost normal, unfortunately, there are the days that I am miserable and unable to do many of the little things that make up a normal day. One of those things is shaving my legs.
Living in Florida, we wear shorts almost year round! Shaving frequently is kind of a requirement! 
The Giraffe Razor Extension Handle has made those days when I am in a lot of pain and need to shave my legs a lot more bearable. I love that I can hold the extender firmly and get the job done with less strain and effort. It is the little things that add up to a good or bad day. Improving my self esteem and feeling fit to be presented to the world certainly helps to give me something to think about other than how badly I am feeling!
I think this is a handy tool for people with mobility issues, chronic pain and pregnant women to have. It really helps make shaving a lot easier! 

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