Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Valentines DVD Review

 It’s Love Day! – Ugga Mugga! It’s Love Day in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. Daniel and all of his friends come up with their own special ways to show their love and care for one another. The kids dance, sing and tell jokes to say “I love you.”

Daniel’s Love Day Surprise – It’s Love Day and Grandpere is coming to visit! How can Daniel find a way to show how much he loves Grandpere? With a treasure hunt, that’s how! Daniel hides little hearts all over the house for Grandpere to find… that is, unless little Margaret finds them first!

Daniel and Miss Elaine Play Rocketship – Daniel has come to play with Miss Elaina today! They decide to play “outer space,” but Miss Elaina gets upset when her cardboard telescope and spaceship accidentally break. Lady Elaine helps the friends see that they can still have fun together, even without the toys – because they’re friends! They use their imaginations to keep playing, which is just as much fun!

And 5 more stories as well.

We received the DVD and party supplies to have our own little Daniel Tiger Valentines Day party this past Sunday.
My poor son got pink eye last week and bronchitis and had to miss his class Valentines Day party. He was so upset. Luckily I had just received this DVD and this awesome box of party supplies, so I had him covered. Sunday was not only Valentines Day, but also our favorite little neighbor girls birthday.  We made red cupcakes with chocolate frosting Saturday night. Sunday morning after breakfast we invited birthday girl over and shared our cupcakes using our fun Daniel Tiger party supplies. Caden gave Red the DVD as a Valentines Day Gift. My boys have taken to her and treat her like their little sister. She loved the DVD. She likes Daniel Tiger and watches it on You Tube all the time. She was very excited to get the DVD.

The episodes on the DVD are great little stories that are appropriate for any time of the year, not just Valentines Day. The stories center around friendship and being part of a community. The characters are recognizable and adorable.

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