Wheat Thins Review

Each year, the country thrills over the latest gadget that’s thinner than its predecessor and instantly becomes a must-have. Now, the next dimension will arrive…for snacking. Sleeker, thinner, munchier and awesomier than ever before, it’s the new Even Thinner Wheat Thins Limited Edition.
As the iconic snack you’ve known and loved for nearly 70 years, Wheat Thins is excited to introduce the next big thing in snacking innovation. Even Thinner Wheat Thins Limited Edition taste delicious and are made with 100% whole grain wheat, just like the Wheat Thins Original Snacks. But like so many of the latest and greatest advancements, it’s taking on a new, thinner dimension.
We received a box of the Limited Edition Wheat Thins at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Our Review
We love to snack in our house! Wheat Thins have been a favorite snack of mine for years. I love the original flavor and some of the other flavors that have come out, like the Ranch flavor. Wheat Thins are the perfect snack for a salty craving. These new thinner Wheat Thins are thinner than the other Wheat Thins, with all the flavor. I love to take these to work with me. I tend to be a grazer throughout the day. Wheat Thins are easy to take with me, and yummy and easy to eat!

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