Mini Beer Pong Review

That favorite dorm-room beer pong game just got cooler with the Mini Beer Pong by Scienz! Mini Beer Pong is an action-packed, convenient new tabletop version of the classic social game that can go on road trips, to favorite bars or house parties or even grandma’s for the holidays!
Life-size beer pong tables take up a lot of space and missed shots send stray ping pong balls flying onto dirty floors — no one wants dirt in their beer. With Mini Beer Pong, players use catapults to shoot tethered balls into mini cups from the comfort of their own seats. No more hassle, chasing or spilling!
The Mini Beer Pong’s light-weight, compact size and portable features makes it perfect for playing anytime, anywhere. The two-foot game board folds up into half the size with the one-ounce pieces stored neatly inside. The mini-size game easily slips it inside a backpack bringing fun to any social gathering.
We received a Mini Beer Pong at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Our Review
This Mini Beer Pong game is awesome. Everything you need comes together in a nice portable, easy to carry case. The pong balls are attached by wires so they aren’t easily lost. This is a smaller version of the original game so it doesn’t take up a lot of room. This can be quickly set up, and then cleaned up and put away quickly with very little mess. You can play this with any kind of alcohol you would like, it doesn’t have to be strictly beer. I don’t really drink beer so we played this with some Southern Comfort and Sour Apple Schnapps on New Years Eve. It was fun and easy to play. The shot cups hold up well to being used and washed and re used over and over. Check out more about this fun game at the links below!

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