Keepsake Kitchen Diary Review

In the world of iPhones and technology there is something so nostalgic and comforting about the rustic charm that chalkboards bring to a space. Lily & Val was born out of a desire to recreate this vintage chic style for home decor and weddings.
Food is memories, sweet and simple. Whether it’s your grandmother’s famous stuffing or the life-changing chocolate cake you shared on a rainy candlelit night with your favorite person, each taste and smell draws us back and our thoughts burst with nostalgia, love and even tears. We wanted to create a book that not only records the recipes that encapsulate our special moments, but also the memories that inevitably coincide with them. Introducing the Keepsake Kitchen Diary ™, a culmination of what we love about food and its direct line to the soul.
The Keepsake Kitchen Diary ™ exists as a functional, beautiful holder for your most treasured recipes, but we’ve made room for what makes the recipes precious: the memories. Each spread provides ample space to record dates, occasions, and thoughts in a meaningful way.
The Keepsake Kitchen Diary ™ is a one-of-a-kind heirloom and DIY cookbook that will bring joy to you and the the people you love for generations.
We received a Keepsake Kitchen Diary at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

Our Review
My husband is a great cook. He loves to cook and is always looking for new recipes to try and add to our line up. We have a lot of different cook books in the house, they are scattered all over the place. This Keepsake Kitchen Diary is perfect for us. This is a beautiful hard bound book that will last for years. We can put our favorite recipes together in one place, and add in recipes we get from friends and family also. The best part of this diary is the pages where we can record the memories that go along with the recipes. When we try something new and our boys participate and help, we can write down a great story memory to go along with the recipe.
There are pages in the diary that list all the conversions and substitutions you need in the kitchen. There are also removable recipe cards so you can share your favorite recipes with your friends and family.
We love this Keepsake Kitchen Diary and cannot wait to keep adding more memories and recipes to it! This is a great tradition to add to any family!

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