Go Picnic Review

It’s a picnic. It’s ready to go. It’s a ready-to-go picnic! When you’re hungry and on the go – in the park, on a plane, or at your desk – you want a tasty, simple meal that’s ready to eat. But since you don’t have space in your backpack or laptop bag for a wicker basket, we created this nutritious picnic in a handy box. No refrigeration required. Just add a drink and chow down. So grab a GoPicnic. It’s a ready-to-go picnic for any occasion – like today!
We received the Holiday Gift Box at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

3 Turkey Slices & Cheddar Meals
3 Salami & Cheese Meals
3 Creamy Cinnamon Spread & Bagel Chips Breakfast Meals
3 Honey Turkey Stick & Maple Pecan Blend Breakfast Meals
10 Sweet Perry Orchards Cashew Medley Fruit & Nut Mixes
10 Sweet Perry Orchards Baja Blend Fruit & Nut Mixes
10 Professor Zim Zam’s Chocolate Pillow Cookies
10 Professor Zim Zam’s Zeppelin Sea Salt Caramel Lollipops
10 Professor Zim Zam’s Jelly Jets Fruit Snacks
Our Review
I really love these Go Picnic meals! They are a nice change from the lunchables I usually wind up grabbing when I’m in a rush. These Go Picnic meals are really delicious, the meats and cheeses are high quality and taste fresh, unlike some other pre packed meats I have tried in the past. The Turkey stick, Turkey slices and Salami were all delicious. I loved that these meals came with healthy snacks like the applesauce and the fruit & nut mixes. 
My boys love the chocolate pillow cookies and the Jets fruit snacks. These are easy to take with us wherever we go because they do not need to be refrigerated at all. I take them to work with me and my husband and boys take them when they go fishing and hiking.
You can get the Go Picnic meals, and the add on snacks, in bulk for really great budget friendly pricing.

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