Go Charge Review

PERI is an innovative brand set on defining the way consumers view hi-definition audio and mobile power accessories. Focused on creating mobile, portable, home and car audio products paired with the latest audio and networking technologies, PERI is a brand for all walks of life. Through the integration of hardware, software and industrial design PERI provides an unparalleled product experience.
I received the Go Charge Ultra Slim Portable Power Bank at no charge in exchange for an honest review.
My Review
I love my cell phone and I will admit I really could not live without it. I am one of those people who as my battery bar goes down, my anxiety goes up. I do everything on my phone. My entire life from work, appointments, birthdays, memos and contact with family and friends who are many miles away is centered around my phone. I work some long days sometimes and do not always have the ability to plug my phone into a wall socket. When we go out for a family day, or to run errands, I definitely can’t stop to plug my phone in. I am always in need of travel chargers that really work. I love this Go Charge. It charges my phone quickly when I’m on the go, and it is really slim and easy to carry with me. It’s all one piece so there are no cords to lose track of. This charger will charge my phone a few times before I have to re charge it, depending on how much I am using my phone when I’m out. I love this charger and I highly recommend it!

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