Glowcicle Review

Meet the only frozen party pop that glows in the dark!
Our natural frozen treats get your party glowing. From birthdays to holidays…or just regular days, GlowCicle™ party pops keep kids of all ages entertained, especially when the lights go out. (This means adults too!) We call them a Party-in-a-Box. By adding innovation and imagination to a frozen treat, GlowCicle™ brings any event to life! As you’ll see in our “Facts & Ingredients” section below, we strive to bring health-conscious enjoyment to you and all your party friends.
GlowCicle™ is the simple way to make anytime special. Holidays come around once a year and memorable events should happen more often, so make them all spectacular with GlowCicle™ frozen treats!
We received a Glowcicle Sampler at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

Our Review
Glowcicle combines 2 of my kids favorite things, ice pops and glow sticks. We brought these out for our New Years Eve get together with the neighbors and the kids and grown ups loved them! The ice pops are pretty big so they are easy to hold. The glow sticks go in the little slot next to the ice pop, and you can use the glow stick as a handle so your hands don’t freeze. When the ice pop is gone you can then play with the glow stick and make a bracelet or combine them for a necklace.
These were a huge hit and my boys and the neighbor kids want more. The glow sticks lasted for several hours and they had a blast with them!
Glowcicle is on Kickstarter! Check out the progress here!

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