Doctor On Demand Review

Video Visit with a real, US-licensed physician anytime, anywhere. Available for Web, iPhone, iPad and Android. 
Lack of access to health care providers in the United States is a massive, growing problem. The average wait time to see a physician is three weeks. More than half of patients with mental health issues go without treatment. We’re not getting the care that we need. We built Doctor On Demand to help address this problem.
I received a free visit with Doctor On Demand in exchange for an honest review.

My Thoughts
It is that time of year again. Colds and flues abound and the germs are flowing freely everywhere you turn. If you are like me, and have work, kids, and holiday happenings going on, you don’t have time or patience to sit in a dr’s office or ER to be treated. So we suffer, and use over the counter medicine, and hope we get the right combination to get some relief.
My biggest obstacle to healthcare is that I don’t have insurance right now. If I get really sick, or I get injured, I have to go and sit in the ER for hours. Sitting in the ER is a hassle, makes you feel worse, and exposes you to other peoples germs, which may be worse than what you are there for originally.
I got the opportunity to use Doctor on Demand. I was a little skeptical. How can a Dr. assess and treat without you actually being there in front of them? I was really impressed with the website, app and the interaction with the Dr. The sign up process was very easy and quick. I just entered my email, a password and some personal information like address, pharmacy and payment method.
For those of us that don’t have insurance, or have high deductibles, Doctor on Demand is a very affordable alternative to paying for an office or ER visit. 
A visit is only $40. This is very affordable for most people. With Doctor on Demand you only pay $40, and there is no extravagant wait times, drive time, and again, exposure to other peoples germs. I am a little bit of a germophobe if you can’t tell. You can schedule an appointment with a doctor for yourself, a pediatrician for your children, a psychologist, and even a pregnancy and newborn specialist.
Having access to a pediatrician in this kind of setting is great for my oldest son who is Autistic and has some anxiety about going to the Dr. He has trouble with the crowded waiting rooms and long wait times.
 This is one of the best developments in medical care that I have seen in a long time. Some of the Dr.’s with Doctor on Demand can also call in prescriptions if the situation necessitates. I was extremely impressed with Doctor on Demand and highly recommend it to everyone I know!

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