Davidson’s Organics Tea Review

Davidson’s offers some of the world’s freshest, purest and delicious organic teas- both directly from our own gardens in India- as well as from other small organic tea farms, all over the world!
I received 5 boxes of tea bags in a variety of flavors at no cost in exchange for an honest review!
I was so excited to try these Davidson Teas. I have never had tea in some of these flavors before and I could not wait to try them. I love hot tea and consider myself a little bit of a connoisseur. I have tried a lot of different brands, types of teas and flavors. I received 5 different flavors of tea bags. The Davidson’s Organics tea is made with 100% organic tea. I can say that I really do prefer the taste of organic tea versus some of the store bought processed teas I have tried.
I drink tea for all kinds of reasons, and for no reason at all. The Mint tea is my favorite when I have an upset stomach. The Cinnamon Apple and Peach Spice has a nice spice taste to them and are great when I’m feeling under the weather. The Cherry Vanilla and the French Vanilla are perfect for cooler mornings, and evenings before bed. 
These Davidson’s Organics teas are delicious and I highly recommend these to everyone who loves tea!

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