xSense Review

Introducing personal scents inspired by Nobel Prize-winning research. Beyond just aromatherapy, formulas made with pure and natural ingredients help you work better, play harder, and rest easier.
I received the Deluxe Sample Pack from xSense at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
WorkSense—helping learning, retention, memory, and accuracy;
PlaySense—helping speed and endurance;
RestSense—helping reduce stress and improve relaxation.
There are so many different products on the market now for focus, energy, rest and on and on. There are shakes, pills, patches and more. Some of these products are natural, but some have additional ingredients that can cause side effects. I was very intrigued when I was approached to review xSense Personal Scents.
These are unique combinations of all natural ingredients that you apply right under your nose. There are different scents for Work, Play and Rest. The scents are pleasing and not over powering at all.
I use the Work scent when I’m blogging because I could really use a boost in focus in that department. The scent lasted a bit more than an hour or so and I really do feel like I got more done and I was able to focus more.
I used the Play scent when we went on a family outing and I knew I would need an extra reserve of energy. I was impressed with how I felt using this one also.
The real test came when I used Rest. I do not sleep well at all, if I even manage a few hours a night that’s a win for me. I used this a few nights in a row. While nothing is a miracle cure, I truly did notice a difference with this scent. I felt more relaxed when I lay down, and I seemed to be able to fall asleep a bit faster also. 
I am quite impressed with these scents from xSense and I highly recommend this product!

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