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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Wall Pops Wall Accents Review

WallPops are the most fashionable peel and stick wall decals! With beautiful lines full of designer color, fun patterns, and sassy accents, WallPops are today's hottest wall art!

We received the Military Wall Art Decal set at no cost in exchange for an honest review.


My boys love anything to do with military, planes and action. When I got the chance to receive some Wall Pops I knew I would pick out some for my boys. We rent so we have to be careful about what goes up on their walls. They are thrilled with these military wall decals. The set includes tanks, helicopters, jets, parachutes and trucks. These wall decals easily adhere to the wall, and can be moved around whenever they want. They create whole little murals and story lines with these. They stay engaged with these for quite a while at a time. One of the best things is if we were to move, these would be able to come with us with no hassle. The designs and colors are true to reality and recognizable.

The boys are thrilled with these, and we are happy that they like them and they don't ruin our walls!

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