The Tiniest Tumbleweed Review

The Tiniest Tumbleweed is small for her age. So is her Sonoran Desert neighbor, a baby house sparrow. Through the incorporation of proven psychological concepts in helping children believe in themselves and their unique capabilities, The Tiniest Tumbleweed by first-time children’s author, Kathy Peach, shows how the two desert companions work within their limitations and work together to become their very best selves. Together, they learn that you can be all YOU were designed to be, and that is just fine, just fine indeed. 
We received a copy of The Tiniest Tumbleweed at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My boys are both avid readers and love to get new books. We got this book and they couldn’t wait to read it. This book is super cute and fun to read. The illustrations are colorful and well drawn. The story and the pictures kept my boys interest over and over. The story has a really important lesson in it also. My 10 year old is autistic and struggles with quite a few things in daily life. He is our pride and joy and we tell him all the time how great he is at everything he tries to do. He absolutely loves this story about how you don’t have to be perfect to be amazing. Every child should read this book and realize how great they are no matter what limitations they may have!

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