The Roku Stick and The Dove Channel Review

Stop dreaming. Start streaming. With Roku, it’s a snap to enjoy the best movies and TV shows, live sports, music, games and more—all instantly on your TV, on your own time. Roku players feature high-definition streaming and built-in wireless, so you can deliver the best instant entertainment to virtually any room in your home.
We received a Roku Stick and a 1 year subscription to The Dove Channel at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Dove Channel provides a safe walled-garden with hundreds of movies and TV Series that reflect the time-honored standards of The Dove Foundation , known for its trusted Faith & Family Dove Seals of Approval. As a member, you can take advantage of our unique Customization Tool which gives you complete control by selecting the type of entertainment that exactly fits your tastes and personal preferences.
The Dove Channel is available on iOS, Android and Roku devices.
Our Review
We don’t pay for cable anymore because there are so many options using the internet now. We have several of those options, and have not missed our cable TV at all. We recently got the chance to get a year free of The Dove Channel, and we were sent a Roku stick to facilitate that review.

The Dove channel has an amazing line up of family friendly, and kid friendly shows and movies. I can let my boys watch whatever they want on Dove Channel and not worry at all about what they might see. There are free and paid options. We can personalize what we like to watch and keep the boys favorite shows handy and easy to find. The Dove Channel is a nice alternative to other options that don’t always have the parental controls we would like.

The Roku Stick was very easy to set up and use. We had it up and running in about 5 minutes. You do need a TV with an HDMI port to use the Roku Stick. The Roku Stick offers so many choices for entertainment. Roku offers channels for every taste and age, from Dove Chanel to Showtime and HBO for the grown ups. There are cartoon, comedy, drama, documentary and news channels to choose from, There are over 2500+ channels to chose from. With the Roku stick you can change it from one TV to the other easily. The Roku Stick comes with a remote, and you can also download an app on your phone to control it.

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