The Radventures of Radimus Platypus Review

The book inspires individuality and confidence through the adventures of a platypus. This character, Radimus Platypus, is a curious, creative and charismatic character who expresses himself through his love for board sports. Radimus surfs, skates, snowboards, wakeboards and even discovers yoga. With the launch of Vol.1 of the picture book series, The Hatch, Radimus Platypus smashes into the world. Each book in the series takes Radimus on a curious adventure where he learns new things, discovers what makes him happy, and grows as an individual. The quirky characters and stories inspire children and parents to do the same.
I received a digital copy of The Radventures of Radimus Platypus at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Adventure and sports are a great combination in this adorable story about Radimus Platypus. I read this to my boys and they thoroughly enjoyed the story and all his sport adventures. My boys are very active and want to try pretty much every and any sport that they discover. The story is easy for them to read and they laugh and giggle throughout. The words rhyme and flow. They can’t wait to see what kind of adventures Radimus gets into next!
  1. Hello Jenn!

    Thanks so much for the awesome review! I'm so stoked to hear that the book brought lots of laughs and giggles to your boys!

    Positive vibes to all,

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