Talking Tom Bubble Shooter Review

Talking Tom Bubble Shooter is the biggest game of the year from the enormously successful Talking Tom brand from Outfit7, whose apps have over 3 BILLION DOWNLOADS to their name! This is an immersive and innovative bubble shooter game.
I had the opportunity to be able to download and play this game at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Talking Tom Bubble Shooter is available now to play for free on iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon. Watch the game teaser video and get a taste of the action.

My boys are obsessed with Talking Tom and love to play with our phones with Talking Tom. They were super excited when I got this game to check out. I love watching them play and get so excited about this game. I started playing while I was waiting to start work a few weeks ago, and now I can’t put this game down! The characters are cute, the colors are bright, and the game play is very addictive! If you love fun and colorful games and want a new challenge get this game!

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