Surprise Ride Monthly Subscription Box Review

A subscription service that sends 6-11 year old kids a surprise box of activities every month and all the tools they need to explore something new! Visit Life is a journey, enjoy the ride!
We received a Surprise Ride box at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
We received the Italy box.
Our Review


My boys love arts and crafts. They love to create thing with their own hands and show off their artistic talent to everyone. They also love to learn about new places and new things. This box from Surprise Ride feeds both of those things. The box contains a story book, and craft, a toy and a snack from different countries every month. This box was Italy. The craft is a plaster trivet. They had a lot of fun making these, mixing the plaster, and then putting the little tiles in in designs. They couldn’t wait for them to dry to see what they looked like and how they turned out.
They weren’t too keen on the gloves and apron because they are messy little buggers and like to get their hands dirty. They had a lot of fun placing the tiles where they wanted them and creating a unique design. This craft didn’t take very long, which was good because their attention spans are a bit short.
We enjoyed doing this craft together, and they are already asking when they can get another box!

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