SoundPeats Q9A Wireless Headphones Review

As a professional design and production company, we are mainly engaged in acoustic products, such as middle and high-end music earphones, wireless earphones, water speaker,sound boxes, Bluetooth and so on.

I received the Q9a Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sport Headphones at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
I love listening to music when I’m cleaning house, working on my blog, and even when I’m working on things at work. The people around me don’t always want to, or need to hear my music. I have been looking for a nice set of wireless headphones so I could listen to my music without having to have my phone connected to me by a cord. I received these SoundPeats headphones and couldn’t wait to try them out. These have a range of just over 30 feet so I can walk around my whole house, and my area at my job, and never lose connection. The sound quality of these headphones is amazingly clear and the volume control works great for immersive sound that blocks out almost everything else. The cord on the headphones is long enough to make them comfortable to wear, but doesn’t get in the way. The selection of ear bud pieces guarantees a fit for every ear also. 
These headphones are so comfortable and easy to wear that I can even wear them laying in bed with no hassle. The carrying case keeps everything neat and together, and fits in even a small carry bag or purse for convenience. I am very happy with these headphones and I will definitely be looking at what else SoundPeats has to offer!

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