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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Reindeer Dust Book Review

In a fun and lyrical tale, readers are immersed in the story of hungry and harried reindeer who can’t find houses to land on through thick fog. Santa has a sled overflowing with presents, but he’ll never be able to deliver them if the reindeer don’t know where to land! One little boy, William, devises a plan: he mixes up a special batch of reindeer dust and he and his friends and family sprinkle it outside while reciting “I will always believe!” Through the fog, the reindeer are able to spot the glittering trail of reindeer dust, and Christmas is saved!

We received a copy of Reindeer Dust at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

Fun for the whole family, Reindeer Dust:

Tells the exciting story about how the “reindeer dust” tradition first began
Includes an easy reindeer dust recipe and special poem to be read on Christmas Eve
Engages the imagination through family participation and captivating illustrations
Inspires a new holiday tradition that the whole family will enjoy
Encourages children to develop a lifetime love of reading

Our Review

My boys are young enough that they still believe in and eagerly wait for Santa at Christmas. We have never had a chimney or fireplace so we have gotten pretty creative in our explanations of how Santa finds our house every year. We moved to Florida 3 years ago and they worried then too. We want them to believe in the magic of Santa for as long as possible.

This is an adorable and fun book to make a part of our Christmas season traditions. The book is funny and engaging and the boys have read it a few times now. They are very excited about making Reindeer Dust for Christmas Eve and making sure Santa can find us easily this year.

Make this cute and engaging book a part of your Christmas Eve too!

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