Reflo Smart Cups Review

Reflo Smart Cups, a patent-pending, flow-controlled drinking cup. A smarter alternative to sippy cups which have been associated with speech delays and dental problems in children.
We received two Reflo cups at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

I have a 10 year old son who is on the Autism spectrum. He has some fine and gross motor delays as well. He has been using a regular cup for a long time, but we still deal with some spills and accidents because of the motor issues and some of his movement tics. He is too old for a sippy cup, and I won’t make him use one. He can use straw cups and some work better than others. When I came across these Reflo Smart Cups I knew I had found a great solution for him.
These Reflo Smart Cups are a great solution for weaning from a sippy, and for kids (or even adults) like my son. This is a “regular” cup that looks the same as everyone else’s cup, except it has this great flow control disc that fits right in the cup itself. There are no rubber rings or stoppers, and this is very easy to keep clean.  The flow is slowed down, but the liquid still comes out fast enough to make sure he doesn’t get frustrated.
These cups have been a great solution for my son and I recommend them highly to anyone with littles who need to learn to drink from regular cups!

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