Pumpkinheads Book Series Review

Pumpkinheads, is a nationally available, family-approved brand that includes an award-winning book series, educational worksheets, online games, and an app. With more than 10K Facebook fans and thousands of books sold, Pumpkinheads is features multiple ways for parents and caregivers to engage young children ages 2-6.
Pumpkinheads emphasizes social awareness, ethnic diversity, emotional intelligence, and ethics for children. Racially diverse, the seven Pumpkinheads characters, Lulu; Carmin; Danza; Ella; Sage; Xavy and Cameron are the ideal role models for young children. Each has their own unique personality allowing children to engage and connect with each character differently.
Facts About the Pumpkinheads Book Series:
Winner of Dr. Toy Best of 2015 Award, Academic’s Choice Award, Mom’s Choice Award and Parent Tested Parent Approved Award
Series selected by Scholastic Canada for 2015 school book fair promotion 
Latest editions, “Peanut’s Mistake” and “Imagine” released in October 2015 (total number of books in series: 8
We received 2 books in the Pumpkinheads series at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Peanuts Mistake- 
Go, go, go! Peanut’s not slow! But Peanut breaks the rules by running in the house. What will happen when Carmin discovers his big mess? Join Carmin and Peanut in this heartwarming story about learning from mistakes.
Slide down rainbows and swing from stars! Bounce on clouds and drive fast cars! Join the Pumpkinheads as they switch the world around in a silly adventure that explores the power of imagination and the differences that make the world beautiful.
Our Review
The Pumpkinheads series of books are engaging and cute. The characters are adorable and the drawings are bright and colorful. The rhyming text keeps my kids and their friends interested, and the lessons are great for all ages. There is an abundance of adventure and imagination to be had with these stories, and they encourage  kids own imaginations to soar and develop.
I love any book that gets my kids engaged and reading on their own, These books have been read over and over, and will be read many more times I’m sure. This is a series for children that should be on every bookshelf!

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