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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Polaroid Cube Review

For over 75 years, Polaroid has created the magic of instant with a track record of innovation, producing a unique experience that transcends photography.

We received a Polaroid Cube at no cost in exchange for an honest review.


I am a bit of a picture nut. I like to take pictures and document everything my kids do and our family does together. I also just like to get my kids cute little mugs in as many pictures as possible. They won't let me get pictures of them all the time forever. I have several cameras that have different purposes. I have a digital Fuji I use for when we travel, for update pictures for the family and for my product reviews. I also have a water proof action camera for when we go to the beach, springs, hiking and all the other outdoor activities we enjoy.

This Polaroid Cube has a wide angle lens and takes pictures and videos. You can switch between 780p and 1080p. You need to have a micro SD card for this camera to work, it does not come with one. It is a very simple one push of the button operation. There is no view finder, so you have to point in the general direction of the item you are wanting to capture, and hope you get it in the frame. The casing on this is tough and meant to stand up to some use. I have been letting my 10 year old use it mostly to take pictures. This is a cute item for quick and simple pictures.

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