Numi Organic Tea Holiday Review

Numi Organic Tea blends premium organic teas and herbs with only 100 percent real ingredients, allowing nature to speak for itself.
I received the Tea by Mood and Organic Tea Flight gift sets at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

Tea by Mood- This thoughtful gift welcomes everyone to let the moment seize you, and grab a cup of tea to pair with it. Tea by Mood invites you to take a deep breath and allow your mood to inspire which type of tea you should enjoy. Each box contains five tea bags of the following eight organic and Fair Trade Certified teas and teasans (40 tea bags total): Breakfast Blend, Aged Earl Grey, Emperor’s Pu-erh, Jasmine Green, Mate Lemon, Rooibos Chai, Moroccan Mint, and Chamomile Lemon.
Organic Tea Flight- Packaged in a stylish, sustainable bamboo box, the Organic Tea Flight invites tea lovers of all levels to sample the best selection of organic, non-GMO, Fair Trade Certified teas. Each box includes a premium collection of black, green, and herbal teasans, making it a one-box solution for tea drawers and cabinets everywhere. Included in each Organic Tea Flight are five tea bags of each of the following eight teas and teasans (45 tea bags total): Breakfast Blend, Aged Earl Grey, Chocolate Pu-erh, Jasmine Green, Toasted Rice, Rooibos, Moroccan Mint, and Dry Desert Lime.
My Review
I love tea. If you look through my blog or follow on a regular basis you will notice I do a lot of different tea reviews. There are a few brands that I find myself going back to over and over, and Numi is one of those. I was really happy with the selection of teas I got in these two collections. Some of the teas and flavors I was familiar with, and some were new to me. I love when I get sent a tea I haven’t tried before. 
The Tea by Mood is great for picking the perfect tea based on how I’m feeling during the day. I really like Mint teas, so my favorite right now is the Moroccan Mint. I’m slowly making my way through trying all the moods and flavors though. The Organic Tea Flight comes in a beautiful bamboo box that is perfect for refilling with my favorite tea bags as I use the ones in there.
The teas are all 100% organic and the flavors are great, and need no extras except maybe a little sugar. If you love tea or know a tea lover these are great gift ideas!

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