Multi Flask Review

A flexible hydration solution: the perfect bottle to drink from
for hot and cold beverages throughout the day!

I received a Multi Flask bottle at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review
I am a bit of a travel cup addict. I am always looking for the next new thing to take my water, tea, coffee and what not with me everywhere I go. I have probably 50 different cups in my cabinets, all with different purposes and designs. Some of them are for just coffee, just tea, just water, just soda and so on. I am a bit weird maybe, in that I think coffee and tea leave flavors behind so I don’t use the same cup for both. 
I couldn’t wait to see what different things I could do with the Multi Flask. The Multi Flask has different inserts for different types of drinks. I can easily switch between my hot tea, plain water, and powdered drinks with no carry over taste between them. The glass insert cleans easily and doesn’t leave a taste residue at all. All the different pieces and inserts are very easy to use and put together so it’s no hassle to take this with me wherever I go. For the glass insert for the tea and coffee, the outer shell keeps both hot for quite a long time. I get distracted easily, especially at work, and hate grabbing for my tea or coffee and finding out it’s gone ice cold.
This Multi Flask has taken the place of at least 4 or 5 of my other cups, and that makes me and my husband very happy because now we have more cabinet space. I am thrilled with this Multi Flask and I highly recommend it!!

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